Book No. 4    
Sure, we all read Alice In Wonderland growing up as kids, but 'what about our own wonderland' I thought. What if there were an unknown land deep beneath our Louisiana... with talking crawfish, giant turtles and thick black moss hanging from the sky?  T-boy discovers a portal to an unknown city beneath his secret oak tree but also ends up as the main course for a meal he did not expect!
44 pages, illustrated. ISBN: 0-931108-03-9

Book No.  5  
THE ADVENTURES OF CRAWFISH-MAN  40 pages, illustrated.ISBN: 0-931108-04-7
One night back in 1978 after watching the 'new' Incredible Hulk on TV, I told my son, "Louisiana should have its own super-hero!" I sat down, drew a 'smiling man' with crawfish claws, a pointed head and a "C" on his chest. The next day I took the drawing to my son's 4th grade class and his classmates instructed me to put the "C" on his belt buckle, add muscles and remove the smile. Single most important lesson in 30 years: When you write for kids....ask kids for advice! Captured by a swamp creature, T-boy is rescued by mild-mannered Cajun fisherman, Mr. Bonin, who pulls moss from a tree and utters: "Spanish Moss In My Hand Turn Me Into Crawfish-Man"
Book No. 6  
Ron Guidry, Louisiana hero, major league baseballer for the New York Yankees, gave permission to use his name in this Crawfish-Man adventure in 1980. I dedicated this book to the People of France after reading about the Statue of Liberty given to us a gift from France. While on a train in Paris, I presented an unknown Parisian with a copy of this book after his kindness in helping with directions. A gift from all of us. Even tho' New York is a long way from Louisiana, when Ron Guidry got into trouble he sent a message back to Crawfish-Man asking for help!
52 pages, illustrated.ISBN: 0-931108-05-5
Copyright January 2012 By Louisiana Crawfish-Man & Little Cajun Books  Spanish Moss In My Hand
Turn Me Into Crawfish-Man
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