Top Photo: Crawfish-Man's cape hanging
on balcony overlooking Lake Geneva.
Lausanne, Switzerland 1989.
Bottom Right: Childen at
Overseas School touch
Crawfish-Man's Cape.
Rome,Italy 1990.
ABOVE RIGHT:  We had a Crawfish-Man's March Agains Drugs on the levee in Baton Rouge in 1985.
BELOW: I had a removable Drug Oath in my 50 Ways book that the kids  and parents signed and mailed in to Crawfish-Man. Wow! What a good feeling when I got them all signed in the mail.
Bottom Left: Ambassador of
Rome touches Crawfish-Man's
Cape. Rome, Italy 1990
"Anyone Who Touches Crawfish-Man's Cape Will Never Use Drugs"      'A Single Fantasy Is Worth  
  More Than A Thousand Realities'

1982 was the year Crawfish-Man officially declared war on drugs thru my Book No. 9.

At that time I cut a
single piece of carpet ... fashioned it into a cape... then transformed it into an international symbol of drug prevention touched by children and adults on two continents ...including the Ambassador of Rome!

The cape traveled with me to Europe and many La. schools. I can still remember  some children who were told it would be at their school and they would get a chance to touch it were so nervous as I stood by the doorway with the cape that they were shaking and crying! Can you imagine what that felt like? A
single piece of carpet, yes. But it was the fantasy that they wanted to touch. To some it was like touching the 'Golden Fleece'!
BELOW LEFT:  One of my treasures is a letter from First Lady Nancy Reagan. Wow! Can you imagine what it felt like getting a letter with a return address from 'The White House' and from the wife of the President of the United States? Twenty-nine years later I am still very humbled with pride.

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