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TREASURE CHEST-18 j  All books $15 ea. SPIRAL BOUND . 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, 4-color covers, b&w illustrations
j   Book 1   Maurice The Snake & Gaston' The Near-Sighted Turtle
j  Book 2   T-boy The Little Cajun
j   Book 3   T-boy & The Trial For Life
j   Book 4   T-boy In Mossland
j  Book 5   The Aventures of Crawfish-Man
j   Book 6   Crawfish-Man Rescues Ron Guidry
j   Book 7   Dark Gator: Villain Of The Atchafalaya
j   Book 8   Santa's Cajun Christmas Adventure
j   Book 9   50 Ways To Keep From Using Drugs
j   Book 10 Cooncan: Boy Of The Swamp
j   Book 11  Rhombus: The Cajun Unicorn
j   Book 12  Crawfish-Man's Night Befo' Christmas
j   Book 13  Crawfish-Man Rescues The Ol' Beachcomber
j   Book 14  Real Cajun School Of COOKBOOK
j   Book 15  World Famous New Iberia, La. COOKBOOK
j   Book 16  World Famous Lafayette, La. COOKBOOK
j   Book 17 12 Boudreaux-Thibodeaux Jokes, 12 New Iberia, La. Recipes,
                    12 Cajun Days of Christmas, 12 Reasons You Might Be Cajun
j   Book 18  T-Boy Meets Jean Lafitte
j  Treasure Chest-18 purchase for $225 Includes Antique Cherry Wood Leather Chest
j  All books are signed by Louisiana Crawfish-Man or personalized by request.
All 18 Books Plus Antique Cherry Wood Leather Chest
$225.00.... Save $95
Single Books $15 each ( 18 books @ $15 ea = $270 purchased individually )

Any 3 or more $12.00 ea
.... SAVE $3 per book  
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