Book No. 19   Published September 2005  Softcover,  224 pages,   $20.00

IN 2003, I was asked by the family of a young girl murdered 25 years  
earlier to tell their story because they could never bury the memory of
what transpired. Because I knew the family, knew the girl, knew what to
do and how to do it, I stopped my life to help them.  Because this was
off-character of my earlier books, I used a penname taken from one of
my great grandfathers. Years later, I am so proud that the family that
once could never bury their daughter's memory can now rest in peace.
She was Loretta Bourque.

"I do hope you write the book and tell the story and I hope it  brings
some closure and peace to the Bourque family. I know how much they
have suffered as a result of Loretta's death"
---Gov. Edwin Edwards, Federal Prison, Fort Worth,Tx, 6/10/03

"I have read your draft of Dead Family Walking and I compliment you on
your detailed and well documented research into the facts of the case.  
Your exhaustive research has made you more knowledgeable of the fac
ts of the case than I, or anyone in law enforcement ever was."
---Dracos Burke, 86,  Prosecutor of Sonnier Trials, 3/05

"...very powerful deeply moving manuscript...very compelling and moving
read, written with much passion and conviction...urgent points driving the
material are well rendered and poignant... experience of the Bourque family
is palpably conveyed with strong use of dialogue and solid characterization
of the many lives involved. You  really make their experience and point of
view live on the page!  This is sure to be a very powerful, very impactful book."  
---Judy Kellum, Hollywoodscripts, 6/05